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The diverse districts of Prague offer a lot of cool walks. We explored and really enjoyed many different parks, streets, and parts of the city. And we got idea to collect these places and also share them for you as inspiration in our MAP OF WALKS.

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About us

Hi there! Here is Břetislav and Lucía, a hiking couple living in Prague.

We are a Czech guy from Moravia and a Spanish girl from Andalusia that met in Prague, fell in love and walk together on weekends to unusual places in Prague and its surroundings. And during that, we are collecting a list of amazing walks & hikes in the Prague area.

Hikes, and Walks Inspiration.

Are you new to Prague and love walking?
Or just out of ideas about where to go?

1. Get inspired by our itineraries for cool walks and hikes.

2. Check info about where to start & what to expect.

Enjoy and Share!

🍺🍺 Prague and its surroundings offer many great places to escape into nature and a lot of options for a day trip. All our hikes are easily accessible by public transport which is a big plus for those who don’t have a car or prefer to enjoy a Czech beer during the day.

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Do you like our project?

If you like what we do, the best way to appreciate our effort and support us is to share this website with your friends, family and with the rest of the World! 😉

In return, you can look forward to regular content about walks and hikes in Prague, photo and video inspiration, and more. Check this website regularly and you will see the progress.

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