WALK #5: Walk from Vyšehrad Railway Bridge to Prague skyscrapers area

Recently, my good friend Filip took me to a lookout from where it is possible to see the architecturally interesting swimming stadium Podolí. And thanks to his idea, I got the inspiration to extend the walk to other places.

This route will take you from the Vltava River to the area of Prague’s skyscrapers. Along the way you will see truly unusual buildings and architecture…

Along the way you will experience really unusual Prague buildings and architecture.

My Amazing Prague

1. First an iron railway bridge over the Vltava – it’s just nice, at least that’s what I think. Do you like it too? 🌉

2. Furthermore, the Podolí swimming stadium, which was established on the site of a former mine and symbolizes a large water wave. 🌊

3. It continues with the Czech Television complex with satellites and its dominant high-rise building. 📺

4. And we end up in the area of very modern buildings and skyscrapers – Kavčí Hory Residence with a square hole, high-rise V Tower and more. 🏙


🠊 Walking Path

MAP IN DETAIL – en.mapy.cz/s/batupodago

Length 5,2 km • About 1,5 h


🠊 Where did we walk?

Vytoň 🡲 Podolské nábřeží 🡲 Podolí swimming stadium 🡲 Kavčí Hory 🡲 Central park Pankrác 🡲 Pankrác (metro red line).

Photo Story

Our photo stories from walks through Prague will show your diverse districts and areas that you can experience in the city. From historic streets to industrial sites, from stunning city views to charming riverside, from green parks to housing estates…

Have a look, enjoy & get inspired!

And that’s it!

If you have any comments / questions, feel free to write us here or in personal message at info@myamazingprague.com

Thank you!

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