HIKE #12: Tangled paths with wild parts in Modřany Gully nature reserve

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I went alone for this September hike in the Modřany gully, because my girlfriend Lucía was going on holiday to her hometown in Spain and I was lazy to organize a group hike with friends. I like to go with a group of friends, but I also like to go alone and I took that opportunity that day. Hiking alone allows me to discover unusual paths, spend more time playing with the camera and just relax without the rush that is present when leading a group. That hike was just a time for me…

ATTENTION: I marked this hike as #for-adventure which means that to accomplish this good orientation skills are required. Also be aware that some parts can be detached from marked walking paths.

Modřany gully is a very nice nature reserve with hidden wilder parts.


Modřany gully is a very nice nature reserve with hidden wilder parts, which I discovered some time ago during a race in a trail run, which is organized there.

If you want to surround yourself with a forest and partially escape ordinary pedestrians who walk on an easy asphalt road, I recommend you follow my path. The path is not marked in some parts, so don’t forget to watch the map carefully, but also enjoy nature!

I started my hike at the tram stop right at the beginning of the gully. First I passed the pond and then instead of on the asphalt I started to walk uphill through the forest. This part can be a bit rough in some sections, and if you don’t feel like an explorer, rather then follow the main asphalt road like others.

I chose the first alternative and then at some point I returned to the asphalt road, passed the retention reservoir and continued to the rocky lookout with views of Modřany gully.

After another kilometre of walking, I got to the most beautiful part of this hike, which is the part along the Písnický brook to the gully border. This area is nice mainly due to the flowing water, which keeps you company during the walk. Later I reached the Kalibárna pond, which is a pleasant place for a short break.

Then, about halfway through the hike, I discovered a pleasant café place. It was a great stop for refreshment!

I started coming back from that café to the beginning, but in a different way than I got there. At first I followed the yellow marked path and later left this sign and continued to the equestrian club. If you’re as lucky as I am, you’ll be rewarded by seeing the horses.

After passing the place with the horses, I arrived in another very nice part with a dense forest. No one was on the way around and I could enjoy walking and listening to the forest. Later, I returned to the asphalt road and walked back to the tram stop, where I started..

It was a really nice day spent visiting one of Prague’s popular nature reserves in a different way than most people who usually visit the reserve.

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🠊 Hiking Path

MAP IN DETAIL – en.mapy.cz/s/jolezubagu

Length 11.7 km About 3-5 hours Mixed terrain

Demanding #for-adventure (!)

🠊 How to Get There?

START – Poliklinika Modřany (tram stop)

FINISH – Poliklinika Modřany (tram stop)

🠊 Weather Forecast

☆ BEST Spots ☆
You Should not Miss…


A nice fishpond for a relaxing stop


Charming path along a stream Pisnický potok


Tangled paths in the woods of the gully

Where to stop
for a DRINK, or FOOD?

We like to stop for a beer, food, or just a coffee in places that somehow catch our interest. Have a look to our selection and check Google reviews to make sure they’re ok for you…

*Note: We don’t have any profit from listing these places here.

Photo from Google Maps

Komunitní centrum Jasoň

Charming little Café with community center. Nice environment, simply great place for a stop and a break during the hike.

Other places…

Other places which you can give a try during this hike because they look promising in Google reviews:

eM3 Coffee

Pension Kamenný Dvůr

Saka Sushi Písnice

Photo Story

Prague is a beautiful city that is hiding a lot of unusual places. Many of them include gorgeous nature and that’s one of the reasons why we started this project – To show you the nature of Prague.

Here is our photo report from the hike…

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Thank you!

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