HIKE #11: Hiking surrounded by magical forest in nature park Klánovice-Čihadla

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Prague is exceptional in many things, but this I like the most I think – there are many surprising nature parks and nature reservations in its territory. And we will take you to one of them again today…

Klánovice-Číhadla Nature Park and its forest is a really beautiful place. There are no scenic views, no great lakes or river that you are used to from our previous hiking reports, but this place has its charm! It simply offers hiking in the dense forest just a few minutes by train from the city center. Isn’t that amazing?

This place has its charm! It simply offers hiking in the dense forest just a few minutes by train from the city center.


Surrounded by a combination of conifers and deciduous trees, you can feel the spirit of the place.

You breathe the forest there, you hear the forest, you see it all around you.

You can just let yourself be absorbed by the forest.

That feeling is hard to describe in words, you have to go and experience it and then you will know what I’m talking about.

We think this hiking path is great for very hot days because most of the path is in the shade of trees. It can be beautiful there even in autumn, when the leaves change color, or in winter during periods with a lot of snow.

It is also quite easy not to meet many people in this place, because the natural park area is very large. We went this hike on Saturday and most of the time we went alone.

So let’s describe the path…

We started at the Prague-Klánovice railway station and from there went right into the forest.

You can go the same way we went (see the map), which contains several places with tables and benches where you can have a snack. But you can also take a different approach that is about “getting lost” and going your own way. The forest has a grid structure of paths, so there are many ways to get from point A to point B.

Along the way, we extended the hike by another smaller nature park Škvorecká obora. A very nice area of a wilder character. If you follow our path and go from Květnická studánka (natural spring) to the Výmola stream, expect a bit of overgrown terrain, especially in that part. But on the other hand, you can look forward to beautiful nature accompanied by the sounds of running water.

At the end of the hike, you can look forward to the Úvaly village, which offers its own small brewery, or a nice square with several authentic cafes and dining options.

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🠊 Hiking Path

MAP IN DETAIL – en.mapy.cz/s/negurahuva

Length 13.1 km About 3-5 hours Mixed terrain


🠊 How to Get There?

START – Praha-Klánovice
(train stop, train S1 from Masaryk train station)

FINISH – Úvaly
(train stop, train S1 from Masaryk train station)

🠊 Weather Forecast

☆ BEST Spots ☆
You Should not Miss…


Dense forest with conifer trees


Dense forest with broadleaf trees


Simply the whole forest area 🙂

Where to stop
for a DRINK, or FOOD?

We like to stop for a beer, food, or just a coffee in places that somehow catch our interest. Have a look to our selection and check Google reviews to make sure they’re ok for you…

*Note: We don’t have any profit from listing these places here.

Photo from Google Maps

Pivovar Libertas

A small village brewery in a modern style including outdoor terrace with roof. A cool place to have a beer and a small snack.

Other places…

Other places which you can give a try during this hike because they look promising in Google reviews:


BAZAR Klánovice – Bistro

Bistro Úvaly

Hospoda Na dobrým místě

kvapil. cafe&bistro

Photo Story

Prague is a beautiful city that is hiding a lot of unusual places. Many of them include gorgeous nature and that’s one of the reasons why we started this project – To show you the nature of Prague.

Here is our photo report from the hike…

And that’s it!

If you have any comments / questions, feel free to write us here or in personal message at info@myamazingprague.com

Thank you!

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