WALK #7: Žižkov Highline and up the Vítkov hill with spectacular views to Prague

If we want to enjoy a pleasant day with a beautiful view of Prague, we often choose this walk to Vítkov hill and its National Monument. Few people know that you can start at the Krejcárek tram stop and enjoy the special views from there while watching the trains arriving in the city.

You will have to continue to the Vítkov hill to the place with views of Prague, but don’t worry, the views will reward you!

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At the same time, you will pass through a tunnel through which single-track trains ran more than two hundred years ago. This walk follows the old railway path and leaves the path in the Žižkov Highline, which you may have never heard of. To be honest, I was also surprised when we discovered it. In the photos you can compare see the Žižkov version of the highline and compare to New York Highline. 😉

You will have to continue to the Vítkov hill to the place with views of Prague, but don’t worry, the views will reward you! At the top of the hill is the third largest bronze statue of the rider in the world, Jan Žižka, who defeated the Catholic army led by King Sigismund in 1420 in the Battle of Vítkov. The whole monument was built in 1928–1938 in honor of Czechoslovak legionnaires from World War I.

The walk can be finished in Karlín that you can reach by going down the stairs from Vítkov park. On the way to the tram stop, you will pass a historical building called Invalidovna. That Invalidovna was built from 1731-1737 as a dormitory for war veterans, and even it is already quite a large building, only a ninth of the original design was ever completed. Interesting isn’t it? 😊 I came across this fact by accident.

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🠊 Walking Path

MAP IN DETAIL – en.mapy.cz/s/jakuhozuma

Length 5,6 km • About 2 h


🠊 Where did we walk?

Krejcárek (tram stop) 🡲 Old Vítkov tunnel 🡲 Žižkov tunnel 🡲 Husitská street and Žižkov Highline 🡲 National Monument at Vítkov 🡲 Vítkov park 🡲 Invalidovna 🡲 Urxova (Karlín).

Photo Story

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