HIKE #9: Hike to natural gems on the border of Prague – from Vrané n. Vlt. to Dolní Břežany

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Vltava horseshoe bend, gorgeous viewpoints, beautiful forests… We had this hike in our minds for a long time and that Spring day in May we finally planned it. It was a perfect day!

Together with few friends, we went by train to the village Vrané n. Vlt. and started from there. We were all motivated to do a more challenging hike and that was a good setup because it has several ascents and descents along the way. The first gentle climb started right after we got off the train. We walked through the valley with a stream, the sound of which was a great company of our walk. Then from the village Zvole we continued to the gorgeous views of the Vltava river and its horseshoe bend – just check out the photos!

Then from the village Zvole we continued to the gorgeous views of the Vltava river and its horseshoe bend…

See this place on the map

After going through several nice views, we descended back to the Vltava. Thanks to cyclists and skaters, the river bank is quite busy and offers several great places for refreshments and refreshments …

Ooh, I just remembered the taste of chilled beers and I thought I’d take one from the fridge! 🍺

After the break, we started to climb another valley, which was steeper than the first. The place is called Károv valley and it took us to the ancient oppidum Závist. These two places are hidden natural gems on the border of Prague! The valley is very nice and the oppidum in the forest is the largest known Celtic oppidum in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Imagine that the first Celtic settlement there is documented before the middle of the 6th century BC!

NEW UPDATE: You can now visit a new wooden lookout tower in the oppidum Závist area. The tower offers beautiful views of the surroundings and Prague, it was opened in December 2021.

As the icing on the cake, we finished our hike in the village Dolní Břežany which is a great spot where to spend the rest of the afternoon having drinks at its nice square, or at a small château or just on the grass of a Celtic park.

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🠊 Hiking Path

MAP IN DETAIL – en.mapy.cz/s/batupodago

Length 15.9 km About 4-6 hours Mixed terrain

Demanding #landscapes

🠊 How to Get There?

START – Vrané nad Vltavou (train stop)

FINISH – Dolní Břežany, náměstí (bus stop)

🠊 Weather Forecast

☆ BEST Spots ☆
You Should not Miss…


Gorgeous viewpoints to the horseshoe bend


Natural gems Károv valley and oppidum Závist


Charming modern village Dolní Břežany

Where to stop
for a DRINK, or FOOD?

We like to stop for a beer, food, or just a coffee in places that somehow catch our interest. Have a look to our selection and check Google reviews to make sure they’re ok for you…

*Note: We don’t have any profit from listing these places here.

Photo from Google Maps

Italian vibes
in Sasy.re Bistro.

Italian bistro on a nice square. There you will find authenticity and quality food. Buy snacks, wine or coffee and you can enjoy it in the pleasant square.

Other places…

Other places which you can give a try during this hike because they look promising in Google reviews:

Pláž pod Homolí

Olivův pivovar

Pizzerie Periferie

1.Kapitola Bistro

Photo Story

Prague is a beautiful city that is hiding a lot of unusual places. Many of them include gorgeous nature and that’s one of the reasons why we started this project – To show you the nature of Prague.

Here is our photo report from the hike…

And that’s it!

If you have any comments / questions, feel free to write us here or in personal message at info@myamazingprague.com

Thank you!

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