WALK #6: Through Letenské sady and Letná to beautiful park Stromovka

After a while we are back with a new idea for a Prague walk. This one will take you from Hradčanská Street to the famous Letenské sady park and then, still relatively recently, the revitalized Stromovka park.

Revitalization works in Stromovka was done in the years 2015-2018. The park is outstanding.

My Amazing Prague

Both Lucía and I lived in Letná and we really like the area. We love the views from Letenské sady and we both love Stromovka Park. Revitalization work in Stromovka took place in 2015-2018. The park is done really well, they say it was needed mainly due to a non-functioning water system. Stromovka is not only a frequently visited landscape park, but also a valued natural monument. If you are interested to learn more about the revitalization, check the article Revitalization of the Royal Game Reserve in Prague – Stromovka.

During this walk you will see really beautiful places – beautiful views of Prague, historic buildings and finally beautiful nature.


🠊 Walking Path

MAP IN DETAIL – en.mapy.cz/s/jogofocubo

Length 5,8 km • About 1,5 h


🠊 Where did we walk?

Street Hradčanská 🡲 Písecká brána 🡲 Prague Metronome i Letenské Sady 🡲 Letenský zámeček and its viewpoint 🡲 Letná Water Tower 🡲 Eccentric Gravity Chimney 🡲 Viewpoint to Stromovka Park 🡲 Lakes of Stromovka Park 🡲 Výstaviště Holešovice.

Photo Story

Our photo stories from walks through Prague will show your diverse districts and areas that you can experience in the city. From historic streets to industrial sites, from stunning city views to charming riverside, from green parks to housing estates…

Have a look, enjoy & get inspired!

And that’s it!

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