HIKE #7: Hiking in Prokop valley with a stop by majestic rocks formation

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After a few days of cloudy sky a sunny day came and we knew we have to go to the place where it is easy to absorb the sunshine! We chose the Prokop Valley, if you plan a path through the tops of the rocks there then this is exactly the right place for that – you can enjoy views of the valley there and sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. Let’s go!

Prokop Valley is our favourite place. We usually like to start in the village called Řeporyje, from where a relaxing path leads through the valley down almost to the Vltava River.

But this time we chose a slightly different path than usual.

Thanks to many trails Prokop valley is a great place for hikes and this one will take you to stunning viewpoints, a beautiful little lake, or an incredible formation of rocks.


This hike was designed to spend as much time over the valley as possible. It was a sunny day and we didn’t want to go through the shady valley – we simple required the sunshine.

On this path you will come across several beautiful views of the valley and later also of Prague. The uniqueness of the Prokop Valley is also the rock formations that you pass while walking. You can see them from the photos.

The views are especially beautiful, for example, from the Hlubočepy rocks and the Děvín viewpoint. And if you are animals or horses lower, we recommend that you also make a stop at the lookouts for the Przewalski’s horses.

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🠊 Hiking Path

MAP IN DETAIL – en.mapy.cz/s/kafugesazu

Length 11 km About 3-5 hours Mixed terrain

Moderate #landscapes

🠊 How to Get There?

START – Jinonice (metro yellow line, or bus)

FINISH – Radlická (metro yellow line, or bus)

🠊 Weather Forecast

☆ BEST Spots ☆
You Should not Miss…


Stunning viewpoints to the valley and Prague


Magical small Prokop’s lake in a former mine


Majestic rocks formation Hlubočepské plotny

Where to stop
for a DRINK, or FOOD?

We like to stop for a beer, food, or just a coffee in places that somehow catch our interest. Have a look to our selection and check Google reviews to make sure they’re ok for you…

*Note: We don’t have any profit from listing these places here.

Photo from Google Maps

Pivovar Prokopák,
nice brewery in old house.

Brewery with an authentic atmosphere of the First Republic. Food and beer delicious, simply worth of visiting. We like this place!

Other places…

Other places which you can give a try during this hike because they look promising in Google reviews:

Restaurace a Pivovar Řeporyje

Černý Kohout

Na Kopci

Photo Story

Prague is a beautiful city that is hiding a lot of unusual places. Many of them include gorgeous nature and that’s one of the reasons why we started this project – To show you the nature of Prague.

Here is our photo report from the hike…

And that’s it!

If you have any comments / questions, feel free to write us here or in personal message at info@myamazingprague.com

Thank you!

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