WALK #3: Gorgeous walk through New Town gothic walls to a historic fort Vyšehrad

In our opinion, a walk along the Gothic walls of the New Town combined with a visit to the historic fort Vyšehrad is one of the most beautiful walks in Prague.

We started our walk from the I. P. Pavlova tram stop and from there we arrived on foot to the upper part of the Folimanka park, where the walls begin. From the upper part of the park, there is also an interesting view of the large reinforced concrete Nuselský Bridge, the surface of which is led by a six-lane road.

You can look forward to views of Prague from another unusual angle.

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The walls continue towards the already mentioned Vyšehrad and offer a pleasant walk with the possibility of sitting on benches and several nice lookout points. You can look forward to views of Prague from another unusual angle. Another interesting fact of the place is that under the Folimanka park there is an atomic shelter that can accommodate up to 1300 people if necessary.

Vyšehrad fortress at the end of the walk is one of our most favourite places in Prague. This important historical place has a freely accessible area, where you can walk through the inner park, for example, or along the walls with beautiful views of Prague and the Vltava River.

It is then possible to end this walk on the Vltava riverside and enjoy bustling atmosphere of the place that everybody in Prague knows as Náplavka.


🠊 Walking Path

MAP IN DETAIL – en.mapy.cz/s/batupodago

Length 4,6 km • About 1,5 h


🠊 Where did we walk?

I. P. Pavlova 🡲 upper part of Folimanka park 🡲 the gothic wall path 🡲 Bastion viewpoint and park Ztracenka 🡲 Ostrčilovo náměstí 🡲 Vyšehrad entrance (Leopoldova brána) 🡲 Vyšehradské sady and viewpoints from the walls 🡲 Vytoň.

Photo Story

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