HIKE #2: Hiking along Vltava to its stunning views with support of bikes

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We love water surfaces, because watching them makes us relaxed very easily. Don’t you have it same? That is why we really like the surroundings of the Vltava River. If you like hiking and biking, you can easily combine these two activities in the northern part of Prague!

That sunny morning, I got an idea to combine the two activities (biking+cycling) into one day. At the same time, while planning other trips with a map, I once came across a beautiful viewpoint in a village called Klecánky which is situated just on the edge of Prague borders. But I knew we had to somehow get there first…

You can easily combine biking and hiking in the northern part of Prague and experience stunning views to Vltava river!


Luckily for me, some morning creativity and sunny weather helped me to convince my girlfriend Lucía to go to the starting point of our hike by bikes. Well, judge for yourself how it turned out. I think it was great!

Our biking started in a district called Libeň, just next to the nice little castle of the same name. We rented there the famous pink Rekola bikes and went on cool ride along the Vltava. This part of the river offers a lot of places to stop. For example, the viewpoint in Thomayerovy sady, the white bowstring arch Troja Bridge, the Prague Zoo or the baroque Troja Castle.

RECOMMENDATION: If you want to do that hiking part, then be very picky about where you spend how much time during the cycling part.

The farthest place where you can park the rented bikes was at the time of our trip a place called Přívoz P1 (Zámky) (see on the map). From that place we started to walk. Most of the route then continues again on the flat path along the river. In the middle this easy hike is then that gorgeous viewpoint in Klecánky, You can easily get there by following the hiking trail marked by blue colour.

On the way back we went the same path again to the place where we had previously left our Rekola bikes. An alternative option is to move by the Klecánky – Roztoky ferry to the other bank of the river. From there, a walk along the water leads to the Roztoky chateau, where it is possible to jump in a train that runs regularly to the center of Prague.

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🠊 Hiking Path

MAP 1 (bike part) – en.mapy.cz/s/holurecoha

MAP 2 (hike part) – en.mapy.cz/s/bejufavufa

Length 10.8 km (hike) + 16.8 km (bike)

About 4-6 hours Mixed terrain

Easy #landscapes

Note: If you are not fancy of biking, you can go by train to Praha-Sedlec and then take a boat from stop Sedlec provided by public transportation to the starting point of the hike. Alternatively, go by bus the bus stop called Zámky.

🠊 How to Get There?

START – Libeňský zámek (tram stop)

FINISH – Libeňský zámek (tram, or any earlier bus stop on the way when biking back)

🠊 Weather Forecast

☆ BEST Spots ☆
You Should not Miss…


Viewpoint to Žižkov tower and Libeň harbourside


Vltava river and its beautiful surroundings


Stunning rocky viewpoint to Vltava river

Where to stop
for a DRINK, or FOOD?

We like to stop for a beer, food, or just a coffee in places that somehow catch our interest. Have a look to our selection and check Google reviews to make sure they’re ok for you…

*Note: We don’t have any profit from listing these places here.

Photo from Google Maps

U Sluníčka – Beach bar
on the waterfront.

You will not miss this small bar, as it is located just next to the bike path. You will immediately notice the sandy area, which simulates a beach where you can sit and sunbathe, have a good beer and something small to eat. Great place to stop during cycling.

Other places…

Other places which you can also give a try:

V ohbí řeky

Brambor 38

Bistro Poutník

KOLORIT bistro

Photo Story

Prague is a beautiful city that is hiding a lot of unusual places. Many of them include gorgeous nature and that’s one of the reasons why we started this project – To show you the nature of Prague.

Here is our photo report from the hike…

And that’s it!

If you have any comments / questions, feel free to write us here or in personal message at info@myamazingprague.com

Thank you!

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