WALK #2: Winter walk from Petřín tower with start in The New World

The snow in Prague is back and covered not only the roofs of houses, but also trees and parks, which is amazing now! If you do not want to travel far from Prague these days, but still want to enjoy the beautiful winter sceneries, go for a walk on Petřín and you will not regret it.

To enjoy a nice day during Prague winter, go for a walk to Petřín and you will not regret it.


One of my favorite places in Hradčany is the picturesque street Nový Svět (in translation The New World), from which it is easy to continue to the famous Petřín Tower. The fastest access to the street Nový Svět is either from the Vozovna Střešovice or Brusnice tram stop.

The streets in this part of Hradčany are not as frequented by tourists as other places, but they are simply very nice and authentic and therefore definitely worth a walk.

From the mentioned picturesque streets we then continued to the Strahov monastery, not far from which there is a popular and nice view of the city and Prague Castle.

It is only a short distance from the Petřín tower. The lookout tower is one of the inseparable landmarks of Prague, from which it is possible to see the entire surroundings of the city of Prague and all parts of the world. The views from the top are truly impressive! The interesting thing about the view is that it was built as a free copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The tops of both towers are even at the same absolute height due to the fact that the Prague lookout tower stands on a hill.

One more tip for this walk – From the park in which the lookout tower is located, it is possible to descend to the city by a cable car. You can use the same ticket as for normal public transportation. So if you want to try something unusual, try this.


🠊 Walking Path

MAP IN DETAIL – en.mapy.cz/s/negogesoho

Length 3,5 km About 1,5 h

Malá Strana

🠊 Where did we walk?

Vozovna Střešovice 🡲 Nový Svět 🡲 Loretánské náměstí 🡲 Strahovské nádvoří u Strahovského kláštera 🡲 Petřínská rozhledna 🡲 Vyhlídka horní bastion 🡲 A little pond 🡲 upper station of Petřín cable car.

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